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Guys have been blindsided in our culture. Knowing Jesus Christ and His purposes for marriage, and trusting in His strength to make a lasting relationship possible. Marriage needs to be re-explained. It needs to be re-branded as an awesome, noble, and challenging adventure. As you read through the following list, ask God to remake you and help you understand what it means to be a man and a husband. Decide to add value to a wife, not take value.


Being in a relationship with a married man is something you can easily get pulled into given the undeniable charm and the maturity he possesses. You find it tough to let him go, but you also know that you need to stop dating a married man. No matter how perfect he seems or how great you too are together, at the end of the day, you know and understand he has a wife and perhaps even.

He may say that you are the only woman he loves and that he is only married because of the .

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The world seems a great place when he tells you that this affair is a huge risk but he is willing to take it for you. And there, you are weaving dreams of a happily ever after. The fact is that you are not in an actual relationship; he is having an affair with you. The man is using you to fill the emotional and, possibly, the sexual void of his marriage while you are in love with him. Makes a disaster recipe for sure. He pampers you with gifts, takes you out to the best places, takes you for holidays and you think it is love.

Is it? Their maturity and experience in relationships attract women towards them. They have a way with words that will lure you towards them.

2. are you his first affair? or is this common practice for him?

Many women do not even know that their lover is married before they get into a relationship. On the other hand, a secret relationship with a married man unknowingly triggers your dark fantasy because of the thrill and the rush in it. It could have been some time since you have been trying to get out of this toxic relationship but your love for him and the thought of a happy ending is preventing you from doing so. Moreover, every time you take a stand, he comes with his huge list of excuses and somehow manipulates you to stay in. He woos you with his puppy eyes and begs you to forgive him.

He may make a few promises too. Remember, he is not the victim here, just pretending to be one. In the end, he will choose his family over you.

3 ways to move forward from the affair

Think about how bad influence this relationship is. Think about what your life was and what it has become. Are you happy from within?

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Is this what you want, claiming your right on someone married to some other woman? If necessary, make a pros and cons list.

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Many women get into relationships with married men thinking that it is what they deserve. They subconsciously think that they are not going to find someone else and try to adjust to the situation. Such women convince themselves that they are in love while they could just be in love with the idea of being in a relationship.

1. if you’re having an affair with him, can you really trust him?

Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that the best is yet to come and you do not need to compromise. What do you see? Have you been standing at the same place without any hope? Do you see a family, a future with the married man you are dating?

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You are in a relationship that is doomed. Your future is at a standstill. Your youth is coming to an end and you are still unsure who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. You let Married man needs some of suitable men because you are hanging onto this relationship.

At times people get into relationships to fill up some other void. Identify the void that is eating your life up. Is it attention? Or love? Do you need to endure the pain of being the other woman to fill the void? Whatever it is, you know that in the long run you are going to regret it.

And while it is great that you identify this is not something you want, you also need to identify and avoid what caused it in the first place. All of us have certain expectations when we are in a relationship. To stop dating a married man, you need to evaluate your needs that your married lover is not able to meet.

Take a pen and paper and list out what sacrifices you are making, when you do not need to. Would you be still making those if you were dating a single man?

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Did your lover spend his holidays with you or his family? Are you technically left alone while he enjoys his social life with his wife? When the world was going around publicly celebrating, you were left alone, even though you had your lover to celebrate it with. Reality check — you are his mistress. You can never take the place of his wife. He will never have kids with you. All you are doing is unwillingly breaking a family when the man is at fault. If you are still stuck in his web of lies that he is going to be with you and leave his family, test his intentions by playing a little prank.

He is going to tell you to abort the child because he cannot leave his family. His reaction will determine where you stand in his life. All the promises, all the commitments will drown in his disappointment with you. And once he does so, you should not think twice before walking out of this hell. You are the one who will have to make the sacrifice because of a situation he put you in. Do not threaten to leave him.

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He has prepared himself for this long time before it popped into your mind. He will talk you out of it. Ask him to file for a divorce. He is never going to do itthough he may keep on asking you time. You have to constantly lie- to yourself and to your near and dear ones to keep this relationship going.

And you cannot declare your relationship in public- it has to be a hush-hush affair. There are so many secrets you have to keep and for what? A relationship that has no future. You cannot go out in public, cannot introduce him to your friends. He will never acknowledge you as his girlfriend. To quit dating a married man, ascertain the complications your relationship has. The guilt of breaking a marriage. And imagine if there are kids involved. Think about what impact this news will have on the .

2. he’s acting differently around you

They are not prepared for such a situation. Would they not hate you? Can you take hatred of kids, so to say? Even if he divorces under pressure from you, do they deserve it? They cannot handle the trauma of having divorced parents and custody issues. The wife has the right to know who she married. Telling her will put you in a bad light but you cannot expect anything else.

1. he makes an effort to see you

She needs to know because her ignorance can encourage the man to do it again with someone else. Telling her will lift a heavy weight off your chest. He will probably not pull you back in his life and will perhaps even bad mouth you. But the plus point is that you will no more be tied to that man.

When you have decided to end the affair with a married man, you need to be strong. Cut off all ties with him now, immediately. It will take all the courage you have, but you know you have to do it. Free yourself from this affair. Tell him to never contact you again. Block his and delete his contact. Threaten to inform the wife if he tries to reach you. Having a friendly conversation with your ex reminds you how a real relationship felt like.

It may not have ended on good terms but it was real.

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